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The agent interface is divided into 3 columns by categories: agent chats, conversation panel and functionalities panel.
Agents centralize all their conversations from all their channels on a single platform.
Manage the traceability of your conversations, transferring chats to other agents/areas.
Converse with clients or interested parties in a natural way with the same tools and functions that you usually use in chats.
Associate each service with personalized typifications and classify each contact with the customer. Counts pause states.
Schedule or pause chats to return to them at another time.

Benefits and Advantages

Visibility: a simple and clean view that speeds up your daily work
Organization: your conversations and associated tasks easily organized
Experience Optimization: more tools and functions that improve the user experience and improve the experience they give to your customers
Rapid adoption: simple, natural, familiar, fun... decreases resistance to change and the learning curve
Monitoring: each agent empowered to understand their priorities, monitor their own performance
Results Optimization: tools to streamline responses and generate corporate learning
continuous improvement: knowledge base, goal-aligned reporting, centralized information updated in real time

New visual proposal for chat management

Design helps create better products and experiences. The new agent interface includes:
Dynamic conversation balloons, for the different instances of conversation "whisper, intervention, conversation with the client".

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New visual proposal for decision making

Our users must make important decisions in limited attention times. Based on this, the new platform includes key indicators to improve interaction within the platform. Today they will be able to have at hand tools that will improve their time management and customer service.

Make key functionalities available to Agents:

The UX challenge was to analyze all the functionalities that the agent platform had and propose a new structure that will improve the service experience of our users. We want the agent to save time, have key tools at hand and achieve all their commercial objectives. We hope you enjoy it!

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Text personalization for richer conversations

bold-underline-italic (depends on the channel that supports it)

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