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We have clients from different industries who put their trust in chattigo.

Galicia Bank

In their collection area they used a cincoming communication analysis, where a bot and human agents intervene.

chattigobot manages balance inquiries, payment promises and referral to agents in eventual cases.

Colsubsidio Logo

VITEX co-subsidization

The case of Colsubsidio-VITEX was the integration for the sale of medicines at home in different cities. 


Junaeb's case was a merchandise and inventory management automation BOT. With chattigo added 25o schools and 25 forms per day

the feast

The case of La Fete was to enter a chattigobot that allows them to respond faster to their queries on the web.


Within SQM, an automated BOT was incorporated for risk prevention management at sites. Optimization in attention to issued tickets was improved. 


Bot + human attention and support to the sales force in the field. WhatsApp Business was contracted together with FB messenger, improving its quality of service in these new channels.


With Bancolombia we create customer service campaigns, evolving to telesales services. Collections were automated, generating better efficiency. 

Exchange Mexico

Intercam's case was to maintain contact with an operator through webchat. 

Thanks to chattigo It was possible to improve the bank's customer service and add a channel to its digitization. 


With ARGOS we create customer service campaigns, evolving to telesales services. Collections were automated, generating better efficiency. 

long live air

With Viva air we create customer service campaigns, evolving to telesales services. Collections were automated, generating better efficiency. 



With Tigo we create customer service campaigns, evolving to telesales services. Collections were automated, generating better efficiency. 


Our partner Konecta has different clients starting customer service campaigns, evolving to telesales services, collection and finally automating conversations for greater efficiency 


Bank of Cordoba

Attention by video call through chattigo It has made it possible to generate greater closeness with the executive, pretending to be inside the bank. Mainly for self-management queries.


His case is the implementation of WhatsApp for notifications and alerts that can automate their attention.


Coopeuch is a financier in Chile that hired 3 bots for its certified WhatsApp in order to serve its clients more efficiently. 

His bots were:

  1. Bot for inboud customers
  2. Bot for outbound customers
  3. Survey Bot



In the case of ENEL, a RRSS chat was implemented that identifies the client by RRSS ID and provides information on supply status according to a decision tree with predesigned flows.

Security Mutual

The mutual security case was mmaintain contact for 24 hours. with the customer in customer service through chattigoBot.

habitat afp

Habitat contracted our platform to serve its clients and/or prospects in an omnichannel manner for queries or complaints.


Integration with business process management.

In this case we improve the efficiency in contactability of customers together with the creation of a new channel with WhatsApp Business. 

University Santo Tomas

The #HablaConNosotros campaign was created in order to provide a direct and effective communication channel between the faculty (career directors and coordinators) and the students, to answer questions related to the academic field.


The case for Postobón is of order and post-sale services. Through the WhatsApp channel, the order service for different products is offered, as well as an after-sales service for scheduling visits.  

Surah Group

SURA is an iconic insurance company in Colombia with a presence in several Latin American countries, specializing in the Insurance industry and Trend and Risk Management. 

The company had problems in the waiting times of its Call Center -in the area of ​​medical care- that resulted in an accumulation of care in its multiple channels. 

Due to this, they decided to contact chattigo with the aim of providing a high quality service independent of the channel or point of contact between the client and the company.

Liberty Insurance

Liberty Seguros reduced its phone calls by 29% by automating its customer service services telesales and collection.


Movistar WhatsApp certified contract to improve efficiency in customer service by reducing their phone calls by 39%. 

Colsubsidio Logo


Colsubsidio is a compensation fund in Colombia, a non-profit organization founded in 1957 in Bogotá and with services nationwide.

Currently, the company has a portfolio of varied services that in turn generate a diverse line of business.

In his case, it was doneManagement, consultation and elimination of medical appointments with certified WhatsApp.


Use Case: Help desk support for Colsubsidio employees.


WOM, one of the most innovative Telcos in Chile, reduced its calls to the call center by 50% by incorporating chattigobot integrated into WhatsApp Business.

Thanks to this WOM solution, it promoted the sale of its telephone equipment through its website, increasing its sales efficiency, its after-sales management, replacement and improving its customer service.


The case of HEB supermarkets in Mexico was to use chattigobot to improve customer service and a faster shopping experience.



TECSA is a leading Mexican company specialized in business process outsourcing and Contact Center, with thirteen years in the industry. 

It currently has more than 1300 stations serving northern Mexico and the southern United States.

The challenge for TECSA is that it wanted to enter the market for digital attention, but it did not have a model that would allow it to deliver an omnichannel service. 

So they trusted chattigo and started, for recruitment and internal use, with a WhatsApp Business number, three agents and a supervisor.

Ministry of Defense of Buenos Aires

In their case, they wanted the citizen to have an easy and practical service. They chose to hire certified WhatsApp to be better connected. To optimize costs, they chose chattigo and unified their services in one place. 

To the world

Almundo's case wasmaintain contact for 24 hours. with the client in an emergency through chattigoBot.

Thanks to chattigo the metrics could be detected to have a better action plan.


Broadbandtech SA contracted WhatsApp, webchat and emails as the main means of communication and to improve customer service. 

Personal Marketing

In the case of MP, a chatbot was installed that provides general information and continuous consultation that has allowed a retention of 75% in the channel. His pAverage monthly interactions have been 50.000


SOS is a logistics and supply chain company that used chattigo toEnd customer service via WhatsApp channel / Use of Whatsapp HCM to communicate the dispatch of crane services.


At Nikken, 5 WhatsApp numbers (1 verified) +FB Messenger +Webchat, ITR-type self-service bot integrated into CRM were implemented

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