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Check our frequently asked questions by areas and clarify your doubts 

What is chattigo?

chattigo is an integrated, controlled and efficient SaaS platform for Chat and video calls that improves the quality of response of companies to their customers through human and/or automated (Bots) attention, with natural language.

What channels to centralize through chattigo? 

We integrate 10 different channels on the platform: WhatsApp, Messenger and Facebook Wall, Twitter, Telegram, SMS, WebChat, Email, Hangout, Instagram.

Can I integrate chattigo to a CRM or other service?

Of course! We integrate with different CRMs through our API such as Salesforce, Vtex, SAP, Hate, Siebel, Microsoft Dynamics, Remedy, Zendesk, Genesys, Jira, Hubspot.

Which platforms could integrate chattigo?

To centralize or enhance your attention, you can integrate chattigo with Genesys, Salesforce, SAP, Remedy, Microsoft Dynamics, Jira, Hubspot, and Zendesk. Don't worry if your platform is not on this list, as long as there is an API or webservices to integrate us, it will be possible 🙂 

What advantages do I get by hiring chattigo?

You will be able to centralize all the attention of your company in a single place, allowing the traceability of the information, obtaining metrics of the procedures carried out by the agents. 


You also have the possibility of automating conversations and processes through our service bots, so you can save time for your customers and money for your company. 

What differentiates us from the rest?

Unlike our competitors, we have a supervisor interface that allows real-time monitoring of conversations between customers and agents. 


Another big difference is that chattigo has a mobile app that allows agents and supervisors to always be connected. 


We also have a bot interface, where the users themselves are in charge of creating, editing and managing the flows that the user goes through. . 


We are in constant innovation that guarantees us to always maintain a product that adjusts to the digital transformation.

Can I have a bot and, at the same time, agent attention in chattigo?

Of course! You can have a bot in the initial attention with your client and, after the required information, the chat can go to an agent. 

En chattigo We support you in building the bot from our interface. 

If I already have a bot, can I integrate it with chattigo?

Of course! You can connect your service bot through our API. 

If I have a problem on the platform, who should I contact?

Our support team will be very willing to help you! You can create a ticket to our Help Desk 


It is the user in charge of attending the chats that enter the platform. It has different tools to facilitate the conversation and also has the option to start chats proactively. 

When I try to login I get an error

There can be different reasons for failure to log in:

password error

Check if you are entering the password correctly; in case you forgot it, click on "Forgot your password?" to retrieve it. 

Check with your supervisor if you have not changed your password from the configuration module

Entering outside the IP range

If you have an IP range block, you may not be able to connect outside the range set by your company. 

When I log in I don't get chats

In these cases there may be no chats waiting to be served in your campaign. Once you enter a chat, it will be assigned to you as long as you are the agent with the most free time.

Also, make sure you are assigned to the correct campaign to attend the chats. Check with your supervisor for this information. 

How can I transfer a chat to another agent?

Select a chat and click the transfer button located on the top bar:



The list of all available agents to be transferred will be displayed, both from the campaign where the chat comes from and from other campaigns; You will only be able to transfer chats to agents who are Online. Select the agent you want to transfer to. Click the transfer button located at the bottom of the column to finish the transfer.

How can I transfer the chat to another campaign?

Select a chat and click the transfer button located on the top bar:

Click the button Campaigns and select the campaign you want to transfer the chat to.










Then click the transfer button located at the bottom of the bar. 

What does the traffic light next to each chat mean?

The traffic light located at the bottom of the chat refers to the SLAs configured for the attention of the chat.

These are the colors you should keep in mind for attention:

Green – On time: The chat is within the committed SLAs or the last chat response was given by the agent.

Yellow – At the limit: The chat is over the limit of being served according to the committed SLAs.

Red – Exceeded: The chat is above the SLA times committed in the campaign.


How can I see the conversation the customer previously had with the bot?

The conversations that the bot has with the client are transferred in their entirety, that is, on the same screen where you see what the client wrote, you can also see the conversation that they previously had with the bot. 

How can I register a contact? 

To register a contact in the CRM you have 3 options:

  1. From the icon next to the contact ID
  2. From the 3 points that you find in the upper bar
  3. From the chat tray.


What are the payment methods?

You can opt for a 14-day free trial and then pay for our plans with a credit card 

Can I pay with my local currency?

You can pay in local currency depending on the country and after conversation with your specialist.

What happens if I want to cancel my plan?

You can cancel your plan without problems with your representative in each country. 


For chattigo to work optimally on your computer, we recommend the following: 


Operating System: Windows XP or higher Browser:

Chrome, version 60.0 or higher Firefox, version 60.0 or higher

Connection: Ethernet, preferably wired Internet connection.


Configure access to port 443 for *.chattigo.com, in particular


The agent PC must have access to port 443 at the url: https://login.chattigo.com/


The supervisor's PC must have access to port 443 at the url: https://login.chattigo.com/

Minimum quality of the data network: the data network must always be available, with the quality of service and bandwidth necessary for the connection of the PCs to the chattigo urls.


Certified and Non-Certified WhatsApp

They must have a SIM Card with a cell phone number assigned and able to receive SMS.

The process is the following:

1.- Install the SIM Card in a cell phone that can receive text messages, it must NOT have Whatsapp installed

2.- You will receive an SMS with the activation code, which you must send to one of our technicians

3.- After this, you must remove the SIM card and save

Email Address

To configure the email channel, you must follow these steps:

Send chattigo the email address that will be configured on the platform. The account must be an email with the company domain (it cannot be Gmail, Hotmail, etc.)

Configure the email account to forward to the following account: inbound@email.chattigo.com

Once they set up forwarding, if they need a confirmation code for forwarding, they need to tell chattigo to send them the code.

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