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In 2015 chattigo is founded
When in mid-2015 we decided to create chattigo, the path that the world of technologies applied to communication between companies and consumers was taking was evident.
A gateway to digital channels
Big tech companies already poured their energies and investments into developing tools to facilitate dialogue through text messages in real time, complemented by image and sound. Today's digital interactions have grown exponentially, it is common to read or hear the phrase “prefer the digital or virtual channels” which caused a large percentage of total customer communications with companies to become digital conversations.
Adaptation to technologies
Companies, just as they could not stay out of social networks and had to attend to them, must adapt to what the new generations want: resolve paperwork and close business operations through successful digital experiences. In addition, new technologies and especially the automation of processes achieved with ChatbotsThey represent considerable savings for companies.
The team that started the road
chattigo was founded -and is currently directed- by ​​computer and business administration engineers, Ernesto Doudchitzky, María Fernanda and Iván Darío Vivas, who at that time had More than ten years working in different countries of the southern cone of America in the field of telecommunications and development and technological implementations of contact centers.
where are we
We started 2021 with 400 clients in 20 countries, 700 campaigns and more than 8000 active licenses. Now we go for more, with chattigo, digital conversations that generate loyal customers. telecommunications and development and technological implementations of contact centers.

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